LAGORD Cassiopée
B.A in costume making

NIN front, 4 shirts, linen, calico, cotton
Textile trails on calico


Upcycling and thinking about fashion consequences on global warming is something that is important for me. This project is made with only 4 thrifted shirts, and 1 meter of linen and calico. It is a costume for a character that I’ve created : Nin the star. I wanted to show her dreamy, sort of goddess side and at the same time her withdrawal, and sadness. This costume was presented at the tokyo fashion show, a project involving my school and the fashion school Shinobugauka of Tokyo.

NIN back, 4 shirts, linen, calico, cotton
FRONT, leather, red thread
BACK, sheep leather, red knitted thread

This project involved a lot of people, it’s a final first year workshop where we had to create costumes for Blue beard play. We had to think about the light to create the costume. This one is the blue beard costume, I wanted to work with the word « skin ». That’s why I used leather wich can provide a big range of skin colors. I added red threads to emphasize the barbarian and animal side of the character.


It’s a personal project made during the lock-down. I’ve done all by myself : acting, set, directing, choice of costume…. It’s a playback short film on Casta Diva Bellini’s opera. I wanted to created a global atmosphere different from our world. I began to draw the images that came in my mind when I listened to the song. I saw somenthing quite romentic at the beginnig with an ironic end.


I enjoy a lot drawing portrait, I’ve made a kind of collection of faces. I use different materials as alchool pencils, pencils, pen, watercolor, paint and try to depict each distinctive features through the background, the colors, the expression or the position.